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SPX Trainings

Preparation and transport of cargo by air requires a special protection. As of 2010, the way of transportation, storage, reception and delivery of air cargo is defined by the EU regulations. All the matters concerning an air business activity are regulated by the provisions of the EU regulations. Also the employees are responsible for protection and security of the transported and shipped cargo. Therefore each person whose activities involve air cargo is responsible for assuring compliance with the regulations statements and assume full responsibility for applying the provisions while performing his/her duties.

The purpose of SPX training is a discussion of international, European Union and national legal regulations in regres to civil aviation security as well as familiarization with the rules of civil aviation system operation againts acts of unlawful interference including i.a. other actions and manipulations of third persons.


Drivers performing duties which include air cargo transport.


This training takes 2-3 hrs and it is held on the e-learning platform, to which the paerticipants are accessed anytime, in a convenient location and moment. The participants benefit from the unlimited insight to presentations and training videos thanks to which the instructors share their knowledge in an attractive and easily acquired form.
The training is accomplished with an exam (every participant is entitled to pass it twice within the training’s price). After the exam is passed, the participants are given a certificate of the Civil Avation Authority in the field of aviation security which is honored by all the airports in European Union.