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1.How much does the training cost?

The cost of online training on the Avsec Control platform ranges from PLN 100 to PLN 500 gross, depending on the type of training.

2. How long does the training take?

The training lasts from 2 to 4 hours and takes place on an e-learning platform, to which participants have access at any time, in a convenient place and time.

3. Can the training be interrupted?

You don’t have to do training all at once. You can stop them at any time and start when you log in again when it ended.

4. What does the training look like?

The participant first goes through the presentation. He must use the time allotted for the presentation to the end. Only after the training, the participant has access to the exam.
The exam consists of 10 to 20 questions (depending on the training), which are single-choice. Each participant has two attempts at the exam. After completing the course, a certificate is issued in Polish, English or German.

5.How important is the certificate?

All trainings are valid for 3 years.

6. Is the certificate honored abroad?

After passing the exam, participants receive a certificate that honors all airports in the European Union.

7. What is the form of payment for training?

After the training is completed, we issue an invoice. The settlement takes place at the end of the calendar month.

8. What happens if the student fails the exam?

Each participant has two approaches to the exam. In case both approaches fail, the trainee must undergo the entire training again.
The invoice is issued for passing the exam, not for the number of times the exam has been taken.

9. Do you have to wait until the end of the training time to take the exam?

Yes, to have access to the exam you should use the time allocated for the presentation to the very end. If the participant logs in and does not make any moves, then the system will automatically log him out.

10. Do we have instructors with ULC rights?

All our instructors are entered on the list of instructors in the field of civil aviation security by the President of the Civil Aviation Office.

11. What is checking the past?

Checking the past in accordance with point 11.1.3 of Regulation 2015/1998 should be carried out every 5 years. It includes:

– a certificate of no criminal record (KRK) from Poland and from each country in which the person has stayed a minimum of 6 months;

– past check survey (employment and education history from the last 5 years including every break of more than 28 days);

A positive check of the past is necessary to enter the training.

12. Should new training be provided after a change of employer?

When you change employer, you don’t need to do the training again.

13. Does the participant have to send us his documents confirming checking the past?

The participant does not send us his documents. They are uploaded to the platform by an employee authorized by the employer – the administrator of the Avsec Cargo Platform.

14. Does Avsec organize stationary training?

Yes, our company also organizes stationary training. Please send your inquiries to info@szkolenia-avsec.pl.